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Shalom, and welcome to the website of the Hadassah Cancer Research Institute (HCRI), founded by Hadassah University Medical Center.

Use of the site is subject to the conditions, and to the questions and answers appearing below on this page. It is important to carefully read the Terms of Use, because using the site indicates your consent to the conditions and terms specified below.

What is the website of the Hadassah Cancer Research Institute?

The site presents general information about the services that the Hadassah Cancer Research Institute (HCRI) (hereinafter, “the HCRI”) has to offer.

The site provides general information only and is not a substitute for a medical examination or consultation with a physician, and does not constitute a “medical diagnosis,” “medical opinion,” recommendation for medical treatment” or a “substitute for medical treatment.” If you have a medical condition, or suspect that you have one, you should see a doctor and be examined.

Who is the website intended for?

The HCRI invites anyone interested to enter and enjoy what the site has to offer.

Who is responsible for the information, content, services and data appearing on the site?

While visiting the site you will be exposed to information and content prepared for you by the HCRI. The source of this information could be the HCRI itself or from third parties. In cases where the information comes from third parties, the HCRI cannot guarantee the reliability and accuracy of such information, therefore the HCRI cannot be held responsible in respect of loss, harm or damage, direct and/or indirect, that may arise from relying on and/or using the content and/or information provided by the HCRI on its website that originates from third parties.

It is hereby clarified that you hereby release the Center, its managers, employees, and those working on its authority, in its name and on its behalf, from any responsibility as described below.

You hereby declare that you acknowledge that, given the nature of the content appearing on the site, you are liable to encounter topics that may appear to be medical recommendations and/or advice and/or news, and you hereby agree that you shall have no claim and/or demand and/or suit against the HCRI in connection with this.

Noting the aforesaid, you hereby release the HCRI, its managers, employees and those working on its authority, in its name and on its behalf, from all responsibility for any fault or error in the information including, and without derogating from the generality of the aforesaid, the content of the information and any loss, harm or injury, direct or indirect, consequential or otherwise that may be caused, directly or indirectly, in the course of or as a result of the content of the information.

The HCRI may change or cease services, or refrain from adding new services or may substitute from time to time, as it shall see fit, the information and/or the content it provides on the site.

Who is responsible for the content and information on the site given through links?

While browsing the website you are likely to find references to various other sites and sources on the Internet where you can get different information services (“the Linked Sites”). When being referred to the Linked Sites you may be asked to register, to provide your personal details, etc. The process of registration and providing your information, as well as the content and information on the Linked Sites, are solely the responsibility of the owners of the Linked Sites, and you shall not have any claim and/or demand against the HCRI in respect of any loss, harm or damage, direct and/or indirect, resulting from your reliance on and/or use of the content and/or information given on those sites.

The HCRI does not undertake that all of the links to the Linked Sites that may be found on its site are working and will lead you to an active website. Furthermore, the HCRI does not undertake that the link will work quickly and that you will be able to reach the desired link at any given time. The HCRI may change the variety of the Linked Sites on its site, and it may stop advertising the Linked Sites and may refrain from adding new links, all at its sole discretion.

What are the obligations of those using the site?

By viewing and engaging in activity on the site, you hereby:

Agree to everything set forth in this document.

Agree and affirm the HCRI’s privacy protection policy, which is described below, and the use it makes of the details you provide on the site and/or your patterns of using the site.

Acknowledge the limitations of the Internet regarding the security of the information it contains, and you release the HCRI from any responsibility with respect to this issue.

Agree that you were made aware of all the information needed in order to use the site and/or the information services and content found therein and/or through the site.

Undertake not to use the site and/or the services found therein in any way that is unlawful and/or unethical and/or is not in keeping with this document.

Undertake not to use the site in a manner that harms and/or interferes with operation of the computerized systems and/or computers.

Agree that, without derogating from any other right that is legally held by the HCRI, in cases where the HCRI suspects that your use of the site does not comply with the provisions of this agreement and/or the law, the HCRI will be entitled to track your use of the site, prevent you from accessing the site, submit your details and/or behavior patterns on the site to third parties that will prove, to the HCRI’s satisfaction, that they have been harmed by your damaging activity as aforesaid, and any other action that the HCRI sees fit.

The HCRI will be permitted to use the details you gave as part of your visit and/or activity on the site, and the information collected about your patterns of using the site, by tracking your activity, including the use of cookies, in the following cases:

In order to improve the services, information and content that the HCRI and/or third parties provide and/or will provide on the site to you personally and/or to the general public and/or to some of the visitors to the site.

In order to notify you regarding different services that might interest you and that are offered by the HCRI and/or by third parties. In this case, the HCRI shall be permitted to bring to

your attention information as aforesaid:

To your home address or other address;

To your e-mail address as provided by you;

To your cell phone screen via service messages appearing on your phone screen;

To the voice mailbox of your landline/cell phone, to the extent that these details have been provided by you during your visit to the site.

For the purpose of analyzing and delivering statistical or other information to the third parties, including advertisers, provided the said information does not identify you individually by name.

To contact you if necessary.

In order to maintain the website.

In order to monitor your activity on the site subject to the provisions of this agreement and subject to the law.

If you request to stop receiving any type of information from the HCRI regarding the site’s services as described above, you can contact the HCRI at any time using a specific e-mail address provided for this purpose, and we will try to respond to your message.

The HCRI will use the details you provide in accordance with the provisions of the law, including the Protection of Privacy Law 5741-1981. The HCRI reserves the right to change and to update this privacy protection policy. Such updates will be announced on the website and will be valid and binding within one week of the date of their initial publication.

Information security

The HCRI shall take all reasonable measures to secure the information given by you. Nevertheless, the HCRI cannot provide absolute security for the information and communications systems against unauthorized intrusions and prohibited use by third parties. Therefore, the HCRI shall bear no responsibility, direct or indirect, in cases where the disclosure and use of information by you is the result, directly or indirectly, from unauthorized intrusion by others as a result of acts and/or omissions that are not under our control.

What is the cost of using the site?

The HCRI does not charge solely to view and/or browse the site. Should the HCRI decide to collect some kind of payment in respect of viewing the site, a separate special announcement to that effect will be published on the site.

What is the HCRI’s responsibility regarding the site?

The entire site, including the information contained therein, the underlying software and the information and content that may be accessed through the site, are presented and made available to you as is.

Use of the site is your full and sole responsibility. The HCRI does not take any position and is not responsible, explicitly or in general, with regard to:

Material, information and activities, access to which are made possible through the site.

Damage that is caused, or liable to be caused, directly or indirectly, due to a malfunction or fault in the software and/or hardware and/or the telecommunications network that serves the site or the access thereto.

Damage, harm or other loss whose cause, directly or indirectly, is use and/or reliance on the information and content found on the site (except for information and content relating to the HCRI and published on the site by the Center) and/or given by information and content suppliers appearing on the site and/or found on Linked Sites, as specified above in this Terms of Service document.

The HCRI shall not be responsible if you cannot use the site and/or receive information and/or content contained therein as a result of a failure in the hardware and/or software and/or for other reasons that are not under the HCRI’s control.

In the event the HCRI informs you of information and/or services that are sold by third parties, the HCRI shall not be responsible for the content of commercial mail and/or other messages sent to you and/or for any transaction made in the wake of receiving this mail and/or these messages. Any complaint, claim and/or demand in this regard must be sent by you to the relevant entities only.

Therefore, when performing actions on the website, and when relying on any content and/or information and/or service appearing there and/or linked to the site, you undertake full responsibility in respect of your actions that result from or depend on your activity on the site and/or any content and/or information and/or service appearing there and/or linked thereto.

What is the HCRI’s responsibility regarding sending information and content over the Internet?

The website, as well as the information and services found there, rely on the Internet, which is in the public domain. Therefore, the HCRI does not undertake that the site’s services will be available at all times, will be provided in an orderly manner or without disruption, and will be immune to unauthorized intrusions, disruptions in the communications lines and systems, prohibited uses by third party entities and so on.

Therefore, you shall not have any claim against the HCRI in respect of loss, harm or damage if there is an error and/or malfunction and/or failure in viewing and/or in your activity on the site, to the extent that these errors/malfunctions resulted directly and/or indirectly from malfunctions and/or failures with the Internet.

Intellectual and property rights

The HCRI holds all intellectual and property rights for the design of the website, except for those parts of the site where the HCRI is authorized by license and/or agreement to design them, and this is the case regarding: software, computer code, graphic file, text, advertisement and other material found on the site. You may not copy and/or distribute in public and/or transmit to third parties and/or rewrite and/or change and/or re-engineer any of the abovementioned, without obtaining express written permission from the HCRI. All names and/or trademarks on the site, as well as the name of the site, is the sole property of the HCRI; or, if published by third parties, the sole property of these publishers. You undertake not to use any name and/or trademark from the site without obtaining the advance written consent of the relevant third parties, as applicable.

This paragraph is relevant for all of the HCRI’s sites and in all languages.

Will the HCRI change the site or cease its activity?

The HCRI will be permitted to change the structure of the site: its appearance, scope and availability, as well as the content and services provided on the site, without prior notification. The HCRI may cease the activity of the site and/or providing the services through it, temporarily or permanently, and without prior notification. You will not be permitted to lodge against the HCRI any claim and/or demand resulting from changes to the site and/or ceasing its activity, as aforesaid.

Will the HCRI provide support for users of its site?

Beyond the ongoing assistance the HCRI offers to users of the site, the HCRI is not obligated to provide any support concerning its operation and/or the services provided through the site. You will not be permitted to lodge against the HCRI any claim and/or demand due to a lack of support, as aforesaid.

The law and jurisdiction

The laws of the State of Israel will apply to the validity, interpretation and/or violation of this agreement. The sole jurisdiction in connection with the validity, interpretation and violation of the agreement shall be the authorized courts in the city of Jerusalem.

Will the HCRI change the Terms of Use for the website?

The HCRI shall be entitled, at any time, to change the Terms of Use for the site as described above, without any advance notification and without providing any special announcement thereof on the site. Except for cases in which the Terms of Use state otherwise, such change as aforesaid will take effect from the date it appears in the Regulations. We recommend that you look at the provisions of the Regulations each time you enter the website in order to find any changes that may have been made to the Regulations.

Advertising on the site

The Hadassah Cancer Research Institute (HCRI) is not responsible for advertisements, their content, style, design and/or the picture they contain. All advertisements are published at the sole and full responsibility of the advertiser, based on his order and subject to his confirmation that he is entitled by law to publish the advertisement. All rights are reserved and this information may not be copied without written approval.


Your use of the website indicates your consent to the Terms of Use specified above.

Any delay by the HCRI in exercising a right to which it is entitled as specified above, or a failure by the HCRI to assert such a right as aforesaid, shall not be considered as a waiver of this right.

Any announcement regarding the site will be published on the site, and shall be considered as having been received by the site users immediately upon its publication, as aforesaid, unless explicitly stated otherwise in these Terms of Use.

The HCRI shall have the right to assign its rights in accordance with the Terms of Use document to any third party, as it shall see fit, and without obligation to announce the fact of said assignment on the site.

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