RNA-Based Therapy

RNA-Based Therapy Cancer Research

RNA-based therapies hold incredible potential to revolutionize how we approach cancer treatment. These therapies work by manipulating the RNA within cancer cells, changing the way they function and blocking their ability to grow and spread. By focusing on the fundamental building blocks of the cells, RNA therapies provide a powerful new way to attack cancer at its roots

RNA-Based Therapy Cancer Research at HCRI

At the Hadassah Cancer Research Institute (HCRI), we are at the forefront of innovative cancer research within the renowned Hadassah Medical Center. Our mandate involves delving into the depths of the complexities surrounding cancer, seeking revolutionary methods for diagnosing, treating, and hopefully eradicating this pervasive illness. Our attention is significantly focused on RNA-based therapy – a promising and rapidly emerging frontier in the field of cancer research

Ongoing Research and Development

Our team of devoted scientists and researchers works relentlessly on understanding the intricate mechanisms of RNA within cells. Our goal is to utilize this knowledge to create effective, targeted treatments. We’re exploring multiple facets of RNA-based therapy, from comprehending how RNA molecules contribute to tumor growth, to finding ways to disrupt these processes, and even using RNA as a tool to deliver targeted therapies directly to cancer cells


Toward a Future of Precision Cancer Treatment

With our intensive investigation into the potential of RNA-based therapies, we are advancing towards a future where cancer treatment is more precise, more effective, and less likely to induce the side effects traditionally associated with conventional treatments.

Driving Innovation in Cancer Research

At HCRI, we stand at the vanguard of cancer research, pioneering the RNA-based therapies of tomorrow. Our mission is to translate these breakthrough therapies from the laboratory to the bedside, revolutionizing cancer treatment and providing hope to patients worldwide

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