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Monoclonal antibody

Monoclonal antibody therapy, a revolutionary treatment in oncology, utilizes lab-made proteins that specifically target and eliminate cancer cells. These proteins latch onto particular molecules on the surface of cancer cells, delivering a toxic payload that effectively eradicates the cells. Widely used in treating various cancers such as breast, colorectal, lung cancer, and multiple myeloma,

SLAMF6 is an immune checkpoint receptor

SLAMF6 is a homotypic receptor of the Ig-superfamily whose exact role in immune modulation has remained elusive

By breeding Pmel-1 mice with SLAMF6 -/- mice, we
generated donors for T cells lacking SLAMF6 and expressing a transgenic TCR for gp100-melanoma antigen.

Activated SLAMF6 deficient T cells displayed improved polyfunctionality and strong tumor cytolysis Adoptive transfer of Pmel-1 x SLAMF6 -/- T cells to melanoma-bearing mice resulted in lasting tumor regression in contrast to only temporary responses achieved by wildtype T cells.
LAG-3 expression was elevated in the SLAMF6 -/- cells, and the addition of the LAG-3-blocking antibody to the adoptive transfer protocol improved and expedited the antitumor response even further1

research Publication

Hajaj et al,: SLAMF6 deficiency augments tumor killing and skews toward an effector phenotype revealing it as a novel T cell checkpoint. Elife March 2020

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