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At the Melanoma Center, our mission is to provide an active and comprehensive program for the treatment of melanoma and other cancers. In addition to offering standard therapies, we specialize in innovative treatment options that focus on enhancing the patient’s immune response against their tumor – an approach known as Immunotherapy

Our Immunotherapy
Treatment Options


The Melanoma Center is proud to offer two distinctive vaccines aimed at treating stage III and IV patients who have undergone surgery to remove one or more metastases. These vaccines are ideal for patients who demonstrate no evidence of additional tumor sites post-surgery:

  1. Autologous Vaccine for Melanoma: This vaccine is prepared from the patient’s own tumor cells, obtained during surgery. Being custom made for each patient, this treatment harnesses the power of the patient’s unique cancer profile to fight the disease.
  2. Modified Allogeneic Vaccine: This vaccine is created from a tumor cell line with improved activity. Suitable for a wide range of patients, this vaccine offers a more versatile approach to treatment.

Adoptive Cell Therapy

For patients with advanced melanoma, who currently have limited treatment options, we offer Adoptive Cell Therapy. This therapeutic approach involves extracting “tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes” from a tumor biopsy, multiplying them in the lab, and reinfusing them into the patient. These lymphocytes have the potential to destroy cancerous cells, offering hope in challenging cases.

Clinical Trials and Research

The Melanoma Center is often part of international multicenter clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. These trials focus on the development of new drugs for the treatment of metastatic melanoma. In addition to our contribution to these global efforts, Hadassah’s Melanoma and Cancer Immunotherapy Center also operates several active research programs aimed at enhancing the efficacy of melanoma immunotherapy.

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For more information about our services or to schedule a consultation, please contact Hannah Steinberg at [email protected].

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