Dr. Tal Falick Michaeli, MD, PhD, BioMed MBA

Department of Developmental Biology and Cancer Research
  • Led by Dr. Tal Falick Micaheli, an expert in researching epigenetic regulation in tumor formation and regeneration processes, HCRI’s Department of Developmental Biology and Cancer Research has focused on deciphering the molecular mechanisms underlying the systemic epigenetic effect in cancer bearing patients and transforming this research into innovative diagnostic and treatment models. In addition to the lab at HCRI, Tal is a Physician-Scientist Resident in the Oncology-Radiotherapy Department of Hadassah Medical School, and heads Hebrew University’s new BioMed MBA Program – entrepreneurship for medical students, creating synergies between entrepreneurship and medical innovation. Her bench to bedside experience has been the inspiration to formulate new ideas for research that arise in the clinical setting.
  • Dr. Falick Micaheli received her scientific, medical and MBA training in the Hebrew University, and was the recipient of several fellowship grants among them are the prestige funds from the ISF and ICRF. Her PhD on the effect of pregnancy on the epigenetic response to injury, supervised by internationally recognized epigenetic leaders, Prof. Yehudit Bergman and Prof. Howard Cedar, demonstrated progress in characterizing the epigenetic changes that stem cells undergo as a response to injury. Among her published research and novel discoveries is a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supported project, that led to the generation of a human early-development gestational clock using white blood cell samples and placenta.
Recent Key Publications
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