Shai Rosenberg, MD, PhD

Senior Neuro-Oncologist

The Laboratory for Cancer Computational Biology
  • In addition to his research at HCRI, Dr. Rosenberg leads and lectures on Computational Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine at Hebrew University, an innovation-infused dual degree in medicine and computer science. As the head of the Computational Medicine Service in the Hadassah Medical Center, he is also an active collaborator with the hospital’s IT department on several clinically applicable Digital Medicine and Artificial Intelligence projects.
  • At the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Shai completed his MD – PhD in Statistical Genetics under the supervision of Prof. Karl Skorecki and Prof. Sara Selig, and was recognized with the Wolf Prize for excellence, and his MD Cum Laude. Additional research was conducted at France’s Institute for Research of Brain and Spine Diseases (ICM) in the Salpetriere Hospital during a two-year post-doctorate in cancer genomics and computational biology.
Recent Key Publications
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