Dr. Boaz Nachmias, MD, PhD

  • Dr. Nachmias is a senior physician and a clinical scientist his research is focused on a Hemato-Oncology, where he is developing new therapeutic strategies to target myeloid leukemic stem cells and acute leukemia in adults, with a low long-term survival rate. The primary research focus is mapping the key protein IPO11 with BioID, to determine the interactome of key mutated protein in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), as well as how co-mutations affect the interactome along the path to leukemic transformation.
  • In addition to his HCRI lab, Boaz leads the Hematology Department’s Clinical Flow Cytometry Unit at Hadassah, and is a senior lecturer on Hematology at the Faculty of Medicine. He earned a dual MD/PhD  from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, including subspecialty fellowships in internal medicine and in hematology, and which was followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the Princess Margaret Cancer Research Center, Toronto, Canada.
Recent Key publications
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