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Sharett Oncology Institute at Hadassah Medical Center

Empowering Patients, Advancing Oncology

Established in 1977 at the Hebrew University – Hadassah Medical Center, the Sharett Institute of Oncology has become a national frontrunner in cancer prevention, treatment, and research in Israel. Serving the population of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, the Institute also functions as a global referral center, receiving over 3,500 new patients each year from around the world.

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Dedicated to Excellence in Cancer Care

Patient care at the Sharett Institute is based on excellence, reliability, and compassion. Striving to provide the most effective and innovative treatment methods, we consider not just the medical, but also the emotional needs of each patient. The Oncology Department utilizes cutting-edge treatments and integrates patients into international clinical trials beyond standard cancer treatments. Our patient-centric care model involves interconnected infrastructure, specialized, and interdisciplinary units

Innovation through Research Collaboration

Our clinical units work hand-in-hand with advanced research laboratories. Researchers, doctors, and lab technicians unite to explore novel treatments and aspects of cancer, enabling the rapid application of research findings to cancer treatment, diagnosis, and prevention in Israel.

Pioneering Comprehensive Cancer Care

The Sharett Oncology Institute at Hadassah Medical Center proudly is the first comprehensive cancer center in Israel. The Institute provides comprehensive oncology care by offering radiation and chemotherapy units, as well as a department dedicated to biological and immunotherapy treatments.

Collaboration is the key to our success. We work closely with all the different departments at Hadassah Hospital and the Hebrew University School of Medicine. We offer specialized oncology teams equipped to treat any type of tumor.

Our Oncology Institute is renowned for pioneering research in all fields, as well as our extensive international research collaborations with medical institutions in Israel and abroad. This activity includes clinical studies, providing access to innovative treatments at their developmental stages

Recognized Excellence

Our commitment to providing high-quality care and advancing oncology has earned us a ranking among the world’s top cancer institutes by Newsweek.

Cancer Patient Care

Clinical Trials Unit

Psycho-Oncology Unit

Breast Cancer Center

Center for Cancer Genetics (Oncogenetics)

Center for Treatment of Digestive Tract Cancer


Early Detection

Geriatric Oncology

Center for Neuro-Oncology

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