Cancer Epigenetics

Epigenetics Of Cancer

Epigenetics refers to the modifications to DNA or proteins that alter gene expression and activity. These alterations play a pivotal role in defining cell types and the nature of various cancer types. Many of these epigenetic changes are reversible, making them key targets in the development of therapeutic strategies that aim to reverse these processes and thus delay cancer progression

Our Approach and Focus

At the Hadassah Cancer Research Institute (HCRI), we are at the forefront of the rapidly expanding field of cancer epigenetics. Our research is particularly focused on cell-free nucleosomes, urine immunograms, and biomarkers. These elements play a significant role in making therapeutic decisions, offering promising paths for advancing cancer treatment.

Through our work, we aim to leverage knowledge of epigenetic mechanisms to develop innovative, blood-based diagnostic tools. These advancements have the potential to enhance patient treatment outcomes, steering us towards a future of personalized medicine that offers optimal, patient-specific treatments

Research and Innovation

A core area of our research emphasizes the importance of early cancer detection and personalized treatment. We have pioneered a test known as a liquid biopsy. This simple blood test allows for the sequencing of DNA fragments from a tumor that reach the bloodstream. By characterizing this cell-free DNA, we can detect normal tissue and cancer cell death even before symptoms appear.

Our efforts to study and understand cell-free nucleosomes, urine immunograms, and biomarkers have opened up new ways of making therapeutic decisions. This research provides a precise cancer profile that facilitates personalized treatment adjustments, thereby potentially revolutionizing the way we approach cancer treatment.

Our Team

HCRI is home to a diverse team of researchers and physicians from fields such as basic sciences, oncology, drug development, and cellular therapy. Together, we continue to push the boundaries of cancer research, remaining at the cutting edge of our field


We are part of a dynamic network of research institutes in Israel and abroad. These collaborations allow us to promote research and the utility of epigenetic characterization in blood samples, marking significant progress in the field of cancer epigenetics

Cancer Epigenetics

Next-generation Urine Immunogram
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