Biomarkers for therapeutic Decisions

Biomarkers for Therapeutic Decisions at HCRI

Hadassah Cancer Research Institute (HCRI), a renowned research hub of Hadassah Medical Center, is dedicated to the global mission of combating cancer. We stand at the forefront of the fight, contributing significant breakthroughs and innovations that impact the trajectory of cancer diagnosis, understanding, and treatment.

Unlocking Potentials: Biomarkers for Therapeutic Decisions

At HCRI, we recognize the profound role that biomarkers can play in therapeutic decisions. Biomarkers are measurable substances whose presence is indicative of disease, infection, or environmental exposure. In oncology, these can be used to detect cancer at an early stage, determine the prognosis, predict and monitor the response to treatment, and anticipate the likelihood of recurrence

As the clinical relevance of biomarkers continues to evolve and expand, our research teams are engaged in rigorous studies aimed at the identification and validation of novel cancer biomarkers. We strive to apply this knowledge to clinical practice, enhancing our ability to make accurate, individualized therapeutic decisions. By doing so, we can ensure that our patients receive the most appropriate and effective treatments at the right time

Pioneering the Future

We believe that in the near future, biomarker-driven therapy will be the norm in oncology. This approach will enhance the precision of treatment, improving patient outcomes and quality of life. Join us as we forge a new path in the cancer landscape, harnessing the power of biomarkers to steer therapeutic decisions. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those touched by cancer

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