Hadassah Cancer Research Institute Center

Pioneering Cancer research for a Healthier Tomorrow

About HCRI

The Hadassah Cancer Research Institute (HCRI) is the translational research hub of Hadassah Medical Organization in Oncology. Situated in the heart of Jerusalem, HCRI has become a cornerstone in the global pursuit to diagnose and treat cancer. Our labs serve as the birthplace for groundbreaking discoveries that are propelling clinical advancements in cancer treatment and prevention

With a focus on several pivotal domains of research, including Immuno Oncology, Cancer Epigenetics, early cancer detection, Cell Therapy, Bioinformatics, Precision Radiotherapy, and a comprehensive Biobank, we are navigating the complexities of cancer research with unparalleled dedication and expertise.

Founded and led by Professor Michal Lotem since its inception in 2019, HCRI works hand-in-hand with its affiliate entities: the Sharett Institute of Oncology, led by Prof. Aron Popovtzer, and Prof. Eyal Mishani, General Director of HMO’s Research Fund.

From the initial conceptualization to computational analysis, clinical trials, and direct patient care, our mission is rooted in one fundamental objective: the development of next-generation treatments to cure cancer


At the helm of our institution is a team of dedicated, seasoned professionals committed to the advancement of cancer research. Our management team works tirelessly to ensure HCRI remains at the forefront of scientific discovery and clinical applications.

Guiding the pursuit of excellence and groundbreaking innovation at HCRI is our esteemed management team, led by Prof. Michal Lotem, MD, Head of Hadassah Cancer Research Institute, and Amalia Herszkowicz, COO of HCRI.

Prof. Michal Lotem, GM

Prof. Michal Lotem is an active oncologist who specializes in the treatment of advanced cancers of skin origin, including melanoma, squamous carcinoma, and Merkel cell tumor. In addition to her clinical work, Prof. Lotem leads the Center for Melanoma and Cancer Immunotherapy at the Sharett Institute of Oncology.



Her research fellowships include the Surgery Branch, NCI under the mentorship of Dr. Steven Rosenberg. She has also been a visiting scholar at Stanford University and the Broad Institute in Boston, MA. Prof. Lotem’s dream and guiding mission is to develop therapies that utilize the body’s own immune system to overcome cancer.


Amalia Herszkowicz COO

Amalia Herszkowicz, as COO of HCRI, brings her extensive C-Level experience and entrepreneurial acumen to the institute. Prior to joining HCRI, Amalia served as the CEO and Board Member of OBCTCD24 and CancerEND24, clinical-stage companies focused on the development of treatments for COVID19-related disorders and a pan-cancer screening test for early detection of 11 types of cancer. Among her past roles, she was also a co-founder and COO at CardiaCare, which is developing detection and treatment methodologies for cardiac rhythm disorders. She served as VP-BD of Insuline Medical, a company focusing on drug-delivery devices for diabetes-related disorders,
and held managerial positions at JCS. Amalia holds an MBA from Manchester University.

Working At HCRI

Join a team of passionate, driven professionals united by a common goal: curing cancer. At HCRI, we believe in the power of teamwork and collaborative effort. We understand the importance of creating a work environment that is not only professionally stimulating but also personally fulfilling.

We are committed to nurturing talent and facilitating growth, as we believeour team is our strongest asset

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